Famous for its classic savanna safaris, no other place on planet exhibits such a beautiful blend of wildlife & romance. The scenic beauty of Kenya’s fauna does justice to famous Swahili phrase, “Hakuna Mattata”(No worries).

The panoramic view of grassy plains and rolling hills is home to resident & migratory wildlife of Kenya, including “Big 5 game animals” Lions, Leopards, Elephants, Cape Buffalo and Rhino. A significant population of other wild animals, reptiles, and birds can be found in the national parks and game reserves in the country.

From watching herds of Elephants strolling to Lion’s closing up on its prey, its enthralling as well as an exciting to experience it at such a close proximity, The picturesque view of Zebra resting under a lone tree with hot air balloons high in the air & sun setting in background reminds us of perfect mix of opposite worlds, modern & primitive.

There are many reserves & parks in Kenya. Mentioned below are few, accordingly to their popularity:

  •  Maasai Mara National Reserve
  •  Nairobi National Park
  •  Amboseli National Park
  •  Tsavo National Parks
  •  Lake Nakuru National Park
  •  Mount Kenya National Park
  •  Samburu National Reserve Buffalo Springs National Reserve

Best time to see the animals in Kenya?

End of June – September. If you’re planning your safari in Kenya and you want to guarantee seeing all your favorite animals, this is the time to go. This is when the animals migrate distances of around 2000km over to Kenya from Tanzania and ‘the greatest wildlife show on earth’ takes center stage. The great migration is supposedly the greatest mass movement of land mammals on the entire globe so, as you can imagine. Wildlife can also be easier to spot during June – September (the drier months) because there’s less foliage and bush and animals will head to watering holes.

Add on experiences :

  • Balloon Safari
  • Masai Village Visit
  • Nature walk and bush walk
  • Adopt an Elephant
  • Feed a Giraffe
  • Hike to the Summit of Mount Kenya