Breathe easy knowing a fully planned and personalized honeymoon awaits you after saying “I do.” Chances are, you’ve spent as much time dreaming of your wedding day as you’ve spent dreaming about your honeymoon.  Every honeymoon we create is completely customized, so almost anything is possible. This calendar is designed to give you an idea of the kind of honeymoon you could have, and when to go. These handpicked selections of destinations will hopefully inspire you acting as a starting point for your honeymoon. Whether you decide to plan your honeymoon around your big day or fit it into a busy schedule, simply choose your dates, and we’ll do the rest!

Starting your honeymoon spotting tigers in India’s national parks before relaxing on a pristine Maldivian beach or beginning on the plains of Tanzania’s Serengeti before relaxing on the shores of Zanzibar’s palm fringed beaches are truly memorable combinations. For the more adventurous, head to Finnish Lapland for meeting the Santa or husky sledding and keep an eye out for the incredible Northern Lights. With so much to choose from, we understand the importance of getting it right, get in touch to hear our specialist’s suggestions.

January: India & Maldives
February: Norway & Finland
March: Chile & Argentina
April: Australia & Fiji
May: Croatia & Montenegro
June: Greenland & Iceland
July: Tanzania & Zanzibar
Aug: USA & Canada
Sep: Indonesia & Thailand
Oct: New Zealand & Bora Bora
Nov: South Africa & Mauritius
Dec: Dubai & Seychelles