From bespoke itineraries to seeing places like a local, we’ve got you 12 of our favorite must-have experiences that you should not miss out. What kind of trip is calling to you right now? Maybe you haven’t put all the pieces together yet or are looking for ideas. A luxurious rejuvenation at a world-class resort in Maldives, giving you and the family time to simply recharge and completely de-stress glamping under the stars. Or maybe you’d prefer to “one-up” a heart-racing adrenaline adventure in the blue Ice Caves of Iceland. Or maybe you’re seeking a life-transforming experience, one that is deep and personal, taking you beyond the concept of ‘life’ as you know it. There are no limits for the modern day explorer.

Pink Lakes in Mexico

Check out the amazing pink lakes in Central America

Maldivian Over water villas

Check out the over water villas in Maldives

Midnight Sun Kayaking

Do a midnight kayak with sun still atop all day

Blue Ice Cave in Iceland

One of a lifetime majestic moment in Iceland

Chasing the Northern Lights

Check out the amazing northern lights with us

The Bolivian Salt Flats

Reflection in south american continent awaits you

Lavender fields in France

Take a stroll along the famous french fields

Trek the rainbow mountain

Hike into the colorful hills in Peru and soak in the colors

Glamping Experience

An escape you have been meaning to take

Road Tripping in the Canyon

Road trip and cruise through the canyon country

The Great Barrier Reef

Breathtaking beauty of the world’s largest coral reef

Meet The Big 5

Amazing blend of wildlife and romance ‘Hakuna Mattata’