Our little crew is carefully crafted and highly-experienced to curate a once in a lifetime experience for you.  We are the team that makes it happen! With our set up in India & the United States of America, we are not only ready to offer you extraordinary experiences in the countries we are based but also across the globe with all the travel we have experienced as individuals.

Meet Yesha – the most energetic & enthusiastic soul of our team. She loves to travel and explore off-beat places & that is why most of our customers love talking to her about the different experiences she’s had after visiting over 50 countries. Her passion for travel made her quit her job & eventually she became a part-time traveler. The most amazing thing about her travel is that she documents it through her blog ‘Destinuts’ along with her husband. She is not only the Co-Founder of this company but also a curator of the journeys that leave lifelong impressions on a traveler.

When she isn’t developing incredible new itineraries for her clients, she can be found creating new travel stories of her own around the world or in the Pacific Northwest, the place that Yesha now calls home. Want to learn more about her travels and stories then do check out her instagram feed @destinuts.

Meet Anuj – An organised, cheerful & adventurous individual. His easy- going nature enables him in understanding our clients needs & hence, loved by them for his well read & proactive behavior in fulfilling their travel requirements.

He loves to explore different cuisines around the world & not just that even tries to cook them at home. Probably we’d say that his love for food attracts him to visit more places. If you’re visiting our office & you’re lucky enough, you might get to try some of his home cooked delicacy 😉

His urge to travel & wander around the world, has made him join CurioCity. He has bonded with CuroCity like a traveler finding solace in his destinations !

Meet Khushbu – A lifelong explorer and forever on the lookout for her Next Adventure. She has been a part of this team since 2018 & has always been a favorite of our clients. Her positive attitude & joyful nature brings a lot of happiness around her. She loves designing itineraries for our clients & ensures that their needs are matched.

She too left her desk job to explore and travel the world and experience different cultures and lifestyles herself. With her love for luxury stays, you’ll find her taking these mini vacations of her own.

She loves to pursue her professional career in an industry she whole-heartedly believes in, and wishes to share with others the different experiences one can have & how travel can transform one into a different personality.