The Rainbow Mountain Trek

Did you know there are 2 different Rainbow mountains in the same region of Peru. One is the Vinicunca Rainbow Mountain which is for more experienced & challenging trekkers & the other one is one Palccoyo Rainbow Mountain which is an alternate suitable option for beginners. What makes it difficult is not just the trek but the altitude. Both these mountains are location more than 16,000 ft above sea level. However, this experience is a bucket list for every adventure seeker & should not be missed while in Peru. 

The best time to visit the mountains would be in the dry season which is usually May to September. However, having said that it doesn’t mean it’s perfect then, it may still rain or become cloudy. You got to have your luck! If you’re visiting the Palccoyo Mountain, we highly recommend a stop at the Red river. This tour is availed from the popular city of Cusco.

Add on experiences:

  • Machu Picchu overnight excursion by Vistadome train
  • Cusco Art & Wine tour
  • Overnight experience at Sky Lodge
  • Humantay Lake & Ruins trek

Lavender Fields In France

Every time someone says France, people think of the most iconic Eiffel tower. However, Paris is not the only city to visit. Gradually becoming popular, the lavender fields in France are one of its kind. It is absolutely amazing to see vast fields set around the Aix-en-Provence region of France spreading over 300 miles square miles & France being the most famous country for Lavender fields!

Best time to Visit is from June 3 rd week to mid-July, however, it may vary year to year. You can visit during the daytime when the sun is shining but it may get quite hot or try to catch a good sunset & also avoid the crowds. The best city to stay for making a visit would be Marseille as you can then enjoy other attractions too. However, the whole French Riviera is beautiful & we suggest at-least a week to be spent in the region covering neighboring cities of Nice, Menton, Cannes etc.

Add-on Experiences:

  • A photo session in the Lavender fields
  • L’Occitane Factory visit in Aix-en-Provence
  • Boat tour in Parc National des Calanques
  • Segway/Bike tour around Marseille

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Midnight Sun Kayaking

The midnight sun is a natural phenomenon in which the sun does not set for a matter of days or months. One of the most amazing ways to experience Greenland, is from the sea. The Inuit invented the kayaks, and to this day, boats are still one of the most important means of transportation in the country. Kayak among the white icebergs of Ilulissat or join a boat tour into the amazing fjord of Kangerlussuaq & experience the phenomenal midnight sun. With Kayaking you see the icebergs very close to you.

“If you have not seen the Midnight Sun setting behind the wall of icebergs, then you have missed something fundamental in your life!”  

Where & when to see the midnight sun?
Anywhere above the Arctic Circle. The midnight sun arrives first in Greenland’s northernmost towns like Qaanaaq, Upernavik and Uummannaq. Here, it also stays the longest. The midnight sun is visible between late-April and late-August in Greenland’s northernmost towns. Closer to the Arctic Circle, the midnight sun is visible between early-June and mid-July. Kayaking around the icebergs with bright light at midnight is truly a unique experience to witness.

Add-on Experiences:

  • Midnight sailing
  • Boat trips to Eqi glacier
  • Whale watching tours
  • Stand up paddle
  • Hiking along the Icefjord

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Overwater Villas

Maldives islands is synonym for many different picture-perfect places. These islands
are known for their beaches and splendid water villas, rising from the turquoise
lagoons. With each island being a resort on its own, has its unique charm and
different experience. The over water villa’s promises to offer access to gorgeous
ocean and lagoons that seems to be straight from the dreams.
In-spite of Maldives being Asia’s smallest country, two-third of world’s water villas
are in the islands of the Maldives.

What is the best time to visit?
The Maldives is beautiful year-round, but some months are rainy and hot. Hence the
Best months would be November to April and the High season being December to

Add on experiences:
The thrills of the Maldives lie under or over the surface of its water.

  • Floating breakfast experience
  • Movie on the beach set-up
  • Sunrise with dolphins
  • Candle- light dinner

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