Kaksha shah

 I have taken more than three trips with CurioCity Holidays starting from Greece to Amsterdam to the Himalayas. As they say it’s not only the place but also the people who plan your trip make it worth an experience. Yesha had planned all my trips and she took care of all my specifications, special requests and most important my budget. This team not only provides you with a travel plan but will also recommend you different ways in which you can make your trip more fun. The excel in wonderful hotels they suggest as well as their professionalism in approaching a client. Looking forward to plan more trips with this team. Thank you to the entire team for your wonderful service

Gaurav Singhania

The best decision that we took for our honeymoon was to plan our trip to Bali & Gili islands with Yesha & her team. They suggested us the best hotels for us to enjoy as a couple & the itinerary offered was so much fun with some activities & at the same time relaxing and not rushed. As a couple experience, we really enjoyed the spa & the most fun activity we did was the quad biking. We created some great memories trying things we never did as a couple & loved the way how everything went so smooth without worrying about planning anything. All services were in time and very friendly guides. We highly recommend them for planning your perfect trip. All the best to you guys & we are sure you will keep offering the best!

Devanshi Patel

My favorite travel planners in the town. Yesha and I grew up as besties together and travelled to many places around the globe. I couldn’t have found anyone better than them to plan my honeymoon trip to Ireland, Norway and Finlad. Very well planned and customized as per our requests and interests. Time spent with us for guiding and consulting us was crucial deciding factor which won us over. I am glad we chose their services and will be looking forward for my future trips around the globe. Everything was awesome and we loved our holidays facilitated by them. I was always a summer person but having travelled far in the Arctic for the Northen Lights, it changed my perception totally and I realized how much can one enjoy winters too if you have the right guidance. We got some amazing Aurora shows in Tromso and our personal favorite moment was spending the night in glass Igloo. We loved everything and it was so hassle free to travel in such Countries with their perfect guidance. Highly recommend to all who ignore winter destinations for their honeymoon. Trust their suggestions to have your best vacation. Kudos to the team 😀

Ami Dedhia

Thank you CurioCity Holidays for organising an amazing family trip to Dubai. The apartment which was booked was just perfect for a family getaway with huge rooms , balcony , hall and bathtub. We also had access to the pool with hot water which was just apt for the weather. The cars which were arranged for sight seeing were always on time and the drivers were so polite.
The view from Burj Khalifa was just amazing and they had booked our tickets during the evening time which gave us the best view. The trip covered everything from beach to desert safari to wonderful Miracle garden, dubai frame, aquarium, Ferrari world etc. The limousine which you guys arranged was just best and a completely different experience.
We didn’t face any kind of issues during our entire trip and overall it was a great experience. Looking forward to have more trips with you. Thank you Khushbu Dedhia for making our trip a memorable one.

Suhani Lalwani

CurioCity has always been and will continue to be my favourite and most recommended travel agency in Mumbai. CurioCity planned my family’s trip to Australia who were coming to visit me. It was undoubtedly the best trip of our lives. Everything was organised and ran super smoothly.
– The tourist attractions covered ALL the must visit places within Australia.
– The accommodations were mind blowing with spectacular views of islands
– More over, they were more than willing to share details about restaurants offering good food in and around our hotels
– Furthermore, Yesha helped us in customizing our itinerary as per my mother by telling us which places she will be able to enjoy as per her age and which places to avoid because of lengthy walking required
Yesha is simply amazing (super knowledgable and friendly). CurioCity will never fail you as a customer, believe me. CurioCity holidays is a 10/10 without a second thought.