While many of us know that Australia has some of the best pink lakes, we thought of introducing you to the ones in Mexico!
These Pink Lakes are located at Las Coloradas in Mexico which is about an hour’s drive from Rio Lagartos & about 3-4 hours from Cancun. It is a private property of a large salt producing factory.
Unlike few years ago, they made it compulsory to enter with a local guide who would explain you about the place. You are not allowed to carry anything inside except your phones- not even cameras.

How are these lakes pink?
There are red/pink colored algae called plankton’s that thrive in this salt water & as the concentration of these organisms in the water goes up, the color of the lake starts turning pink. Also, the flamingos feed on these algae, they also adapt to the pink color. If you want the brightest photos, the best time to visit would be when the sun is right above.

You may also not want to miss out some pristine beaches around. This experience can be best paired with Cancun or Merida/ Add a short getaway to Mexico if visiting Miami. Best time to visit is during the noon- the lower the sun the less pink it appears.

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