So, you have seen one of those amazing ice-caves pictures in some travel magazines and want to experience it. You’re at the right place. This is one of our most favourite experience which we strongly urge people to experience when they visit Iceland.

Would you like to hike on the glacier, go into the ice tunnels, moulins and visit the most beautiful Blue Ice Cave? The Blue Ice Caves is an expedition & is recommended for people with good physical requirements. But don’t worry, we also have an easier Crystal Ice Cave tour where you would only need to walk for 30-40 mins with no hike involved. This experience is offered in the Europe’s largest Vatnajokull glacier. It’s an ever changing glacier, every time you go you may find it different 😉

This experience is possible only in Winter months: October to March & is highly weather dependent

Watch out for the Northern Lights after this experience alongside Jokulsarlon glacier

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